Dog Walking Rates & Pet Sitting Rates

Dog walking and Pet Sitting Rates

Services for regular weekly clients who use our services minimum three times a week.
Receive discounted rates for a monthly booking!
VisitsInside AbacoaOutside Abacoa
15 Minutes$18--
20 Minutes$19$20
30 Minutes$20$25
45 Minutes$25$30
60 Minutes$30$35
Please note, to get the discounted rate, you must schedule the latest by Friday for the following week! For visits requested past Friday (after we create the schedule for the coming week), there will be an additional $3 apply for each service!
Cancellations for dog walking must be made 24 hours before the service!

Occasional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Rates

This service is for a client who goes on vacation or needs occasion walks. Someone who has a busy schedule.
VisitsOccasional Visits
15 Minutes$20
20 Minutes$22
30 Minutes$25
45 Minutes$30
60 Minutes$35

Please make cancellations 48 hours before your scheduled vacation pet care service and 24 hours before dog walking services!

Cat Sitting and Other Small Pets Rates

VisitsInside AbacoaOutside Abacoa
15 Minutes$18--
20 Minutes$19$20
30 Minutes$20$23
45 Minutes$25$28
60 Minutes$30$33

Cancellations for vacation pet care must be made 48 hours before your service!

Please Note:

Our 15 minutes visits are available (in Abacoa) for cat sitting, puppy training, senior or low energy dog. This service is not available for clients who are traveling or live outside of Abacoa. We don’t believe 15 minutes is enough time to care for dogs properly. Dogs need daily interaction and enough time for feeding, regular walking, and to go potty. We recommend at least 20-30 minutes visits to provide the proper care for their needs so we can keep them content, happy, and calm until the client returns home.


No extra charge per pet 

However, if you have more than one animal, the visits typically take at least 30 minutes to care for all of them properly. Once we establish a routine with your pets, we can adjust the visit time accordingly, depending on your pet’s needs and how long it will take to care for them.

VIP Service Rates

We also offer Park Trips, Power Walk & Dog Running (coming soon).
Royal Dog Walking recommends VIP services for high energy dogs!
VisitsInside AbacoaOutside Abacoa
15 Minutes$20$25
20 Minutes$25$30
30 Minutes$30$35

Extra Love and Care Package Rates

Looking for something different for your furry baby? We know all animals are unique.
Royal Dog Walking tries to cater to all their individual needs.

Does your pet have separation anxiety or need extra TLC? We have the perfect solution for you!
We offer 1-2 hours of evening visits with extra love and attention.
We have limited availability. Please book ahead!
VisitsInside AbacoaOutside Abacoa
1 Hour$30$35
1.5 Hours$40$45
2 Hours$50$55

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Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

Includes evening and morning walks, feeding, fresh water, and staying overnight in clients' homes. Your pet will receive a bundle of playtime and extra love and attention!

We have limited availability. Please book ahead!
Inside AbacoaOutside of Abacoa

Cancellations for Overnights and Extra Care Package are must be made seven days before your first service!

Pet Transport & Errand Rates

We are here to help with pet transportation! Whether it's to the groomers and vet's office or need us to run some small errands. Royal Dog walking can take care of picking up dog food at the pet store or prescriptions from the vet.
15 Minutes$20
20 Minutes$22
30 Minutes$25
45 Minutes$30
60 Minutes$35

Please call for price and availability if you need service outside of Abacoa!

For customers who use our services while out of town: Please call us as soon as you return home to avoid unwanted visits. Until we hear from you, we will be obligated to care for your pets, which will result in extra charges.

Hours & Additional Services and Fees


8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Last visits are booked at 7:30 PM
After hours visits are available, please contact us directly!
After hours visits include an additional $10 charge per visit

Holiday Fees

An Additional $10 charge per visit will be added on:
New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve

Last Minute Schedule / Same Day Requests

Requests done with less than 24-hour notice will include an additional $10 charge per visit
We will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, we cannot guarantee that a sitter is going to be available on such short notice. (99% of the time, it isn’t a problem!)

In-home consultation for new customers

$15 for up to 20 minutes

Additional consultation

Need to meet with your pet sitter again? No problem! We want you to feel comfortable, and your peace of mind is our priority. Contact us to schedule an additional appointment!

$15/20min or $25/40min

Key and Lock box

For occasional and vacation clients, we offer a lockbox for $25. This way, the keys remain in control of the owner at all times. The only clients we ask to provide us with keys are the once who use our service on a continuous weekly basis.

Key pick up and drop off

In-person pickup and drop off is $10 in Abacoa and $15 outside of Abacoa. You can avoid this charge by having two sets of keys ready for use at the time of service.

Locked out

When a Royal Dog Walking client locks themselves out from their home, pet sitters may be able to let you in. $25 charge apply!

Visiting Hours
8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Last visit booked by 7:30 pm

 Before 8am & after 8 pm 
$10 extra per visit

Office Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Closed on Federal Holidays

All scheduling requests are processed during regular office hours. Calls are monitored for emergencies when the office is closed.

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